Integrated Service Requests/Smartphones

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Client: City of Long Beach
Location: Long Beach, California, USA  

Long Beach is the seventh largest city in California with a population of 490,166 and is one of the world’s largest seaports. The City of Long Beach Public Works Department provides a variety of community services including the repair, rehabilitation and general upkeep of City streets, trees, sidewalks, and City structures. The Department also provides emergency support services throughout the City. 

 Cityworks Implementation Project 

VELOCITIE Integration, now part of POWER Engineers, completed the implementation of Cityworks® Computerized Maintenance Management System for the City of Long Beach, California’s Public Works Department’s Facilities Management Division. The Facilities Management Division provides regular, planned and as-requested maintenance and emergency repair services for over 300 City-owned buildings and facilities. In support of the Cityworks project, POWER migrated the existing facilities work orders and asset information into Cityworks from a previously used system. 

“During the City’s consultant evaluation, POWER demonstrated a strong understanding of the process and effort required to successfully transition from our existing facilities management system to Cityworks,” said Vincent Rodriguez, Technology Services Department project lead. “We are very pleased with POWER’s knowledge and experience in efficiently implementing Cityworks for the Facilities Management Division.” 

POWER Makes Smartphone Connection 

The City of Long Beach began using the GOLongBeach website and smartphone application in October 2010 for citizen service requests and soon after selected POWER to make the connection with Cityworks. 

Through the use of web services, POWER enabled communication and data transfer between the GOLongBeach and Cityworks applications. Citizen requests for service are now received in Cityworks directly through GOLongBeach. The requests are properly classified and submitted to the appropriate department and staff. When a request is completed and closed in Cityworks, the GOLongBeach application is automatically updated, and a notification is sent to the citizen who reported the issue. 

The integration of GOLongBeach and Cityworks has considerably reduced the City’s staff time for data entry. Staff can now review the request in GOLongBeach and then, with the click of a button, send it directly into Cityworks, eliminating any data re-entry or duplication. “The City has definitely benefited from the integration of GOLongBeach and Cityworks,” stated Jack Ciulla, Business Information Systems Manager. “Problems that need to be addressed by the City are now reported sooner and sent to crews faster, ultimately allowing the City to provide better service to its citizens.” The GOLongBeach application, which is available on the iPhone, iPad, Android tablets, and iPod Touch, allows residents to report issues anytime and from anywhere.